Abbey + Zach {Wedding}

"What is done in love is done well." - Vincent Van Gogh

I have been so excited to share all the beautiful spring weddings I was apart of. I decided to start them off with this lovely wedding day. We started off with the bride and all her bridesmaids getting ready. Abbey didn't want Zach to see her in her wedding dress until that day so we did their first look and bridals in the morning. Then off to the temple for the wedding and later that evening we partied at the old anthropology building for their reception. 

I once has a professor tell me to not over post images from a shoot. I decided to break this rule and picture overload this post. So you might feel like you are scrolling forever, but it is worth it I promise! 

Something about mothers helping their daughters get ready for their wedding day gets me every time!

Look at this face! He was so patient waiting to see her (we made him wait about an hour)! 

Everyone always asks to see the group photos from the weddings I shoot. So here are some of my favorites!

The bride had artwork she created all over the venue. I wish I could show you all of them individually because they were all so lovely!

These bridesmaids were so hip! I love how all their outfits came together. 

Its all twirls and summer salts until the claws come out! 

The bride and groom each wrote love letters and read them out loud. It was such a beautiful moment!