you know that feeling when you miss your loved ones so bad your heart aches or when you hear a song that makes you cry happy tears because it brings back that moment. those instants where you feel so empty you want to feel whole again. when you can't breathe because you are longing to feel safe and secure. when you are so happy you feel your heart smiling

i know these feelings.

why do i create images? when i can't put words to how i am feeling. i strive to create moments that make you feel. I thrive on documenting emotion. When you look back at any given time I want you to remember exactly what that moment felt like. I want those memories to sneak out of your eyes and roll down your cheeks.

i am hannah. lover of chocolate chip cookies and predictable movies. i love dancing in the kitchen with my son maddox, and my husband makes me laugh silly. I believe that everything will always work out and that life is too short so let’s just have fun. I have a weird obsession with llama’s and wish I could wear rain boots every day. I love adventures in the mountains and long for the ocean at night.

i would love to for us to work together!